Wills are legal documents that set’s out a person’s direction and wishes with respect to the disposal of their property after they have passed away.  It is good practice to update your Will if your life circumstances change, for instance if you go from being single to married, or from living on your own to living with someone, or if you have children, just to name a few examples.

Who Needs Wills?

Everyone needs a will.

Although many people feel that they do not have enough assets to worry about creating a will, to die intestate ( without a will) leaves quite a burden on family and friends.  The problem is not so much the distribution of the remaining assets, as the law has created rules for that.  The real burden is that all of the assets are frozen and there is no one authorized to administer the estate.  A family member or friend will need to apply to the courts to be appointed as an Estate Trustee and they will have to put up a bond equal to twice the value of the estate.  This results in increased time and money to the estate.

What Items Should Wills Include?

Although each Will is unique, all Wills share some common characteristics.  For the most part, in order for a Will to be valid, a Will must be:

  1. In writing
  2. Signed by the Testator
  3. Witnessed by two witnesses
  4. intending to dispose of property

Who Prepares Wills?

As a Will is a legal document, it is usually prepared by an estate lawyer.  Under certain circumstances, the courts will accept hand-written or holograph Wills, but it is important that these be executed properly, in order to be valid.

Are There Different Types Of Wills?

Yes. There are many types of Wills. There are individual wills, multiple or split wills, international wills. Wills can also vary in complexity.  There are basic Wills and more complex ones that contain testamentary trusts.  Multiple Wills are often used by business owners to help reduce probate and estate administration costs. Read about our different Will Packages.

How Can You Benefit From Executor Duties On Demand Wills Services?

It is important that you use whatever resources are available to you when preparing wills. Executor Duties On Demand can assist in all areas of creating wills including the following:

  • Professional Accountants to help prepare taxes
  • Estate Lawyers for estate administration, tax probate, and other needs
  • Investment Advisors
  • And Professional Executor or Estate Trustee Services

We can help you make the right decisions and simplify your creating your will. You can keep your current advisors as we simply complement your existing professional team.

Our team is comprised of chartered accountants, tax specialists and trust lawyers, who will ensure you have the right information and that you are correctly preparing your will.

We can do as much or as little as you wish, an hour, a day, or a month at a time. We charge by the hour, so we are able to assist you, regardless of the estate size. You also only pay for the actual work that is performed.

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competition?

Executor Duties On Demand sets itself apart from other companies in that we are a full service solution provider for all your estate duties on an hourly basis.

You benefit from all of the following:

  • You choose the level of service you want  at low affordable hourly rates
  • All size estates are eligible for assistance
  • You can use our Trust and Estate Professionals to compliment your current advisors
  • You make all final decisions while we do all of the leg-work
  • Your financial rescords are put into court approved Passing Form
  • You benefit from our up-to-date estate law and tax knoweldge minimizing your personal liability

What Past Clients Think About Our Wills Services

“Michele Follows is a delight to work with!

Her professionalism and extensive knowledge is only enhanced by her warm, people centric personality.

She is always quick to respond and go the extra mile for her clients!

I happily recommend her to anyone!”

Claire Lennon, Room Utopia Interiors
“I have known Michele for 20 years. Her enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor were apparent prior to hiring her three years ago to assist my sister and I with our estate trustee responsibilities as named executors in my mother’s will.

We anticipated working without executor assistance, however, executing the will was more complicated than we originally expected.

Michele consistently affirmed our trust in her management of our estate trustee issues.

Michele is reliable, dedicated, and eternally upbeat with an ability to calm us with efficient and effective issue resolution suggestions.

Michele shared a wealth of relevant experience on estate trustee planning with timely meetings and written reports with accurate and thorough document preparation and filings.

Of particular value to us was the quality of professionals that were important components of Michele’s estate trustee management network.

Michele’s coordinated the involvement of these selected professionals that play an important role in estate planning such as lawyers, accountants, and investment advisors with relevant experience.

Michele provided a vital service to us with unmeasurable value to my mother’s estate at minimal cost.

Michele is a hardworking and top-performing estate trustee professional. She has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.”

Stephen Groom, DVM, PhD, DACVP