Wills Packages

Executor Duties On Demand offers three unique Wills Packages to meet your requirements:

  1. Estate Planning Essentials Wills Packages
  2. Estate Planning For Protecting A Beneficiary Wills Packages
  3. Estate Planning For A Business Owner Wills Packages

Each package has different items that need to be considered in preparing wills. Please take a look at each package, determine which applies to you and contact us to answer any of your questions.

Choose this package if it is important to you to learn about what happens to your property when you die so that you can be empowered to create an estate plan that is consistent with your legacy goals.

This package includes:

  • Legal education about Wills and Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Powers of Attorney for Property
  • Comprehensive review of your assets
  • Assessment of your capacity to make a Will
  • Personalized legal and tax education to assist you to develop and implement a more comprehensive estate plan; including a discussion about the following topics:
  • planning for those assets that become part of your estate and those assets that transfer “outside” of the estate
  • the tax impact of death
  • understanding and demystifying “probate”
  • Discussion and analysis of your unique circumstances to empower you to choose an appropriate estate trustee (also known as an executor)

Documents prepared:

  • Legal Will prepared by and executed with a lawyer including a basic discretionary trust clause for minor children, if applicable
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • Lawyer notes that document your capacity to make a Will and Powers of Attorney
Choose this option if you have concerns about how your gift may impact upon or be used by a beneficiary.  This option allows you leave a gift to a beneficiary while controlling how the beneficiary receives the gift.  Choose this package if you need testamentary trusts for your beneficiaries.

This option includes:

  • All items listed in the Estate Planning Essentials Package
  • Working with you to identify and plan for potential unwanted consequences of your legacy on a beneficiary through the use of custom drafted trust clauses in your Will

Examples include:

  • “Henson Trust” for the protection of a disabled beneficiary
  • Staggered distribution trust for minor children
  • Spend thrift trusts for beneficiaries who you have determined are careless with money
  • Creation of life interests in real estate
  • Controlled distribution trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries such as individuals struggling with addiction
Choose this option is you are the owner of a business or corporation and are concerned about the tax impact of your business on your legacy and to discuss transitioning business assets to family, employees or third parties in order for you to realize the value of your business/corporation.

This option includes:

  • All items listed in the Estate Planning Essentials Package (Package #2)
  • Comprehensive review of your business or corporate asset to identify and plan for unwanted tax consequences to your legacy
  • Drafting and execution of a secondary Will to shelter your business or corporation from Estate Administration Tax (also known as probate fees)
  • Drafting and execution of a designated POA for the business, if applicable
  • A primer discussion and strategy planning for the transition of your business and realizing the value of your business

Additional Services For Wills Packages

If you anticipate that your estate plan may be challenged by a beneficiary or someone who you  are leaving out of your Plan, this service is for you.  All families have one thing in common; they’re all dysfunctional.  This service protects your plan by creating strong proof of your intentions that may save your estate and family thousands of dollars in litigation and conflict.

This package includes:

  • Personalized legal information about how your Will and Estate Plan could be challenged and the steps you can take to mitigate the risk
  • Implementation of measures to protect your wishes

Examples include:

  • Video recording of your estate planning instructions
  • Facilitation of a formal capacity assessment by a professional
The chances of conflict among your family and with your estate plan are significantly reduced when individuals discuss their wishes for end of life care and their estate plan with family and loved ones.

This service is for those who want to give their loved the tools they need to be able to make confident and informed decisions about their care while they are alive and to significantly reduce the chances of conflict after their death.

This service includes:

  • A meeting with your loved ones in a relaxed and neutral setting for the purpose of disclosing and discussing your wishes for end of life care and your estate plan
  • Our team, along with a family succession professional, will work with you to develop an agenda before the meeting and will facilitate the meeting to promote healthy and productive discussion as you communicate your wishes to your loved ones